Monday, March 23, 2009

Think Green

March 17th. . . St. Patrick's Day. . . That morning the kids got up extra early to eat breakfast with Ryan. (Note - the very sleepy eyes.)  Daddy made his traditional "green eggs and ham" breakfast.  Lindsay stayed up late the night before crocheting a small green scarf to wear for the occasion. (I was oblivious to this , by the way).  After school, the girls insisted that because it was so warm, there must be polliwogs in the creek.  So we gathered our nets and insect repellent and went down for a quick look.  Nothing but mosquitoes, rocks, moss, and mud.  (All of which were exciting to Justin.)  His net was full.  After a thorough search, we decided that neither leprechauns nor polliwogs would be captured today.

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Danielle said...

Ok, I am feeling like a horrible mom right now...I barely got a green shirt on my kids that day! Lindsay looks so beautiful in all your pics...her teeth look awesome:) Alie's haircut is to die for!