Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mimi's Menagerie

Christmas Day continues. . . We went to Mimi and Papa's house for the rest of the afternoon and stayed over for a couple more days.  The kids love having sleepovers with their cousins.  We took our annual Christmas Nativity picture.  Alie was able to be Mary this year, she was thrilled.  Lindsay and Mallory were excited to be animals.  Carter couldn't stop grinning, he was such a tiny Joseph.  Summer and Loren were angels.  Justin peeked through the star, and Ryan stood tall, bearing a gift.  Brady was excited to have a large stick for a prop.  If only we would have had a real infant to play the part of baby Jesus, all would have been perfect!!  We indulged ourselves with food, games, and movies.  Some favorites are Papa's "fried sugar" ham and twice baked potatoes.  Mimi made her rolls and sugar cookies.
(Note:  We also celebrated the New Papa's 81st birthday.)

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