Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Change in the Weather

Lightning, flooding, gray skies, dense rain, high wind, and even a tornado watch have been extreme weather for us. It has been different, which is exciting! The creek near our house carries the sound of rushing water. Justin said he could see a waterfall from his preschool playground. The creek runs along the back bank of the school and through many parts of our surrounding community. Justin is happy that the crocodiles will have much more water to swim in.
We love this movie. The kids request it over and over. (I see you smiling Grandpa.)

Our latest love is homemade ice cream. This was the best batch yet - "Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry." After marinating the berries in lemon juice and sugar for two hours, you mix in more sugar, cream, and milk, and vanilla. It is amazing. We can't get enough, even in this cold weather. Lindsay's next endeavor is Pineapple Sorbet. The ice cream maker was my favorite Christmas gift. It will be the "gift that keeps giving". I now buy heavy whipping cream in bulk at Costco.

I haven't been blogging, because I have discovered digital scrapbooking. Little bits of time here and there have been devoted to that. Here are pics I pulled off my camera from the last couple of weeks. These two girls have had a few days off from their regular activities because of the weather, and made some extreme sports of their own. . .

Frisbee. Alie would giggle and say to the clouds,
"Just hold it a little longer."

nice "move" Linds

(Sorry to interrupt your game for this picture, girls:) They love to play four square. They like to make up new rules to make it more fun. Lately, they have both been working on their "volleyball" hits.

This guy does not like to have his picture taken. Can you tell? He does, however, enjoy drawing one. I usually find some sort of sign on his door. This is his latest one . .
It replaced, "Justin and Ryan's Room. Manliness required to enter."

His newest endeavor is to cure the "non-flushers" in our family. I will not mention names, but there are several members of this family who just can not remember to pull that little lever. He has taken it upon himself to gently remind those people by putting signs on each of the bathroom doors in our house. Here is one of the five.

Another one said, Drafty smell? Toilets' clogged?
visit or call 1-800-its-tnks.
He recently helped Justin make his "monster" truck for a primary activity.

My bathroom has become a hair salon.
but, Doesn't she look loverly?
I love when they all play together, it is my #1 favorite mom thing.
We recently got the girls each their own desks. Lindsay has made over a dozen new baby chicks, while Alie has been practicing over a dozen Taylor Swift songs while she doodles away.

Rain = puddles.

"Putting their heads together"

Today it is Wednesday. The sky is beautiful. The clouds are "holding it" and the blue is shining through. What a sight!
The sand is so great when it is damp.
I love my new calling. These little boys are so much fun!
Last Sunday they were asked to finish this sentence in sharing time, "I know" . . .
My class said things like " I love my dad." or "I can pray.", Justin piped up with, " I know that I can read the scriptures every day, but what I really want to say is that Jesus can guide us out of the darkness. When it is really dark, he can help us find our way out with his rod, he just pulls us out, he doesn't let us slip into the water" I am thinking that this statement is related to his strong love of Star Wars, "darkness, dark side", I don't know, and a bit of love for the scriptures, he really wants his own set.
The search is Over . . .
Welcome Home Squirrely!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet Slumber

Tuesday night, after a long day of school, homework, and scouts, Alan found Ryan curled up in Nana's bed fast asleep. In his cheek, the lollipop from the Barber shop. In his arms, Charles Dickens. As Alan and I walked this sweet kid up to his room, pried the lolly off his teeth, and tucked him in, I couldn't help but smile as I layed myself down in my own bed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Puzzler

In the words of Dr. Seuss, "He puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. When he was done, he puzzled some more."
This week as we were driving in the car, Justin's puzzler was humming.
J - "Mom, when I am 20, I will go on a mission."
"You will probably go when you are 19."
J- "No, it will be when I am 20."
J - ". . . and, um, mom, I am not going to the same place that Scotty is (Boise, Idaho), cause it will be closed. I am going somewhere that is open. I will be like a secret agent there and I will go hiking in the mountains and teach people about Jesus.
J - " Do you know what else? When I am 25, I will be a daddy, just like our daddy, and our daddy will be a grandpa."
"You will be such a good Daddy."
(a moment of silence . . .)
J - "When Ryan is on his mission, Lindsay will be 16, Alie will be 14, I will be eleven, and McCartney(cousin) will be 7.
"How did you figure that out?"
J- "Alie told me. She tells me a lot of things."

This particular day, I do not think that I wanted a glimpse into the future, but I got one anyway. I guess they do need to grow up and leave at some point. As sweet as it was, I did not enjoy the reminder. As I look into the eyes of this little guy, I want to hold onto every moment. So, for now, let's stick to jigsaws, playing in the yard, and snuggly nights.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Year!

Back up the mountain we went . . .
Same Snow, but Mimi's Cabin
Same Silliness, but different cousins
Same digging team, but New Cave
Same desire to jump, but New launching pad
Same as above, but in Teenage form
Same group on the slopes, New year
Same Team, New aches and pains. . .
Same desire to capture sunsets, but First one this Year
2009, We bid you farewell. Welcome, 2010.