Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fathers and Sons. . .

Friday night, the boys went to Camp Mataguay, (Near Julian), for their Annual F&S trip! Soon after their departure, the girls and I headed to the Mall for Cheese on Sticks and Cinnamon Rolls. We washed it all down with a bit of shopping, and then headed home to wrap it all up with "Because of Winn Dixie".
The Mall provided a sweet and classic moment. As we pulled into the parking lot, Alie noticed a boy and girl smooching. She commented by saying, "Ewww, did you see that boy and girl kissing next to that car?" Lindsay responded by saying,"Did you check the car for bows because maybe they were on their honeymoon." Alie, with a serious look on her face, looked back, and said, "Nope, no bows." I giggled so hard inside that the grin on my face stretched from ear to ear. Good girls. I suggested that maybe they already cleaned the car up. They both nodded. Seemed like a reasonable thought, I mean they would only be kissing like that if they were married, right? Clearly they have not been to High School. The newest addition to our kid quote list? "Nope. No bows."

In the morning, after helping to cook and serve breakfast, a few of the young men helped take the little guys on a "hike" while the dads and other young men helped to clear a trail. Ry helped by staying with this Little Militia.

Then they all helped to clear the smaller brush together. I love this last picture of all these boys of different sizes working together on this beautiful morning.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Little Fish

For the last 10 consecutive days, (excluding sat and sun), Justin has been swimming with Mr. John. Today was his last day! He learned how to "save" himself by being thrown or pushed in. He learned how to do freestyle and breast strokes. He learned how to open his eyes in the water. Mostly, he learned to LOVE to swim. Thanks Mr. John!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Victory in Volleyball

After a two day tournament consisting of 3 matches and 8 games, these girls took 1st Place for their team tonight!! Because we only had five of our players, they had to work extra hard! Way to go Gator Girls! It was awesome. We are hooked.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am thankful for . . .
Hungry missionaries.
I am thankful for the example that they set and for the positive energy that they bring into our home. These guests are the best to have. They create cooperation and excitement in the children as they help prepare the table, meal, and home. It never gets old. They are like celebrities. They also bring out the giggles.

I am thankful for strong youth and great leaders.
I am thankful for the excitement found in the smallest of things. Like finding yarn on clearance! This girl is a crocheting machine.
I am thankful for creative thinking. Justin is showing off his onion ring bracelet.
I am thankful that the three loves of her life, (besides her daddy), are boys under the age of two. Noah, Fox, and "her" Thomas.
I am thankful for slight changes in the weather (recent wind) that take their imaginations to a different place. And I have to remind myself, but I am also thankful for the messes that they make, especially when they are doing it together. That is my favorite thing with a cherry on top. The togetherness, not the messes. And those are my thankful thoughts for the day.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pro Active

Scout Bike Outing. (March 20th)
40 mile bike to the beach and back. What a fine group of young men!

Scout Kayaking Trip (April 8th)

Varsity Scout Triathlon. (Apr.24th)
200 yard swim in the San Diego Bay, 9 mile bike, and a 2 mile run.
These two made it a father and son activity. He's catching up fast daddy.

Da' Boys.
Transition (Ry in plain black)
Ahh, feels good to be done.

Lindsay's WildCat team

Volleyball with the Green Gators

More Spectators

Alison's Blue Lightning Team

All Smiles
Our littlest leaguer

All have had a Great Season! It all comes to an end within the next week. Besides having some upcoming soccer tournaments in the summer, we are looking forward to some lazy beach days!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Lucky Family

At the risk of being in big trouble for tampering with the precious blog I thought I would just write a quick note of gratitude and love for my beautfiul wife. Mother's Day is an opportunity to show gratitude for all that the women in our life do and our family would be a total mess without her. Val is wonderful, unselfish, dedicated to our family, beautiful, loving, a bit obsessed with pictures (which we hate at times, and then are grateful later), and a wonderful example to us. I am indeed a very lucky and blessed man who still wonders how I got her to say yes to me and our kids are lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful mother. Happy Mother's Day Val!!