Friday, May 29, 2009

Run, run as fast as you can. . .

Today Alison was presented with a running trophy at Friday Flag.  She worked really hard for this all year long!  She ran a total of  408.25 miles!!  There were many days that I picked her up from school, with a shiny red face, bows still in her hair, and shoes still glittering.  We are so proud of you Alie.  The trophies were awarded to grades K - 5 who ran more than 300 miles.  She was one of 23 for the school, mostly consisting of boys, and one of 6 for her grade.  What a great accomplishment!!  
First Grade Running Trophy
The look on the kid's face handing over the trophy is
 great. (Are you kidding me?)
waiting . . . any more girls?
Ahh, the power of reward.
(Lindsay deserves a bit of recognition, as she was a motivator in Alie's quest.  She received a trophy last year in her 2nd grade class.  This year she provided waving and cheering from the sidelines, claiming that she did not need another running trophy:)  Occasionally, I would see them run together for a lap . . .

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Field Trip. . .

Yes, another field trip.  Destination: Zoo.  This time, Justin joined us for the adventure.  We were lucky enough to see two sister tigers waiting patiently, as their mother paced back and forth near the feeding door.

The "coolest" place at the zoo is in the "rainforest", where they have chairs to relax and listen to the sounds around you.  This was a very brief moment.  We had to keep moving . . .

There were monkeys of all kinds in the trees, 
elephants to watch and climb on,

and Hippos to make us giggle.  
The plethora of smells also brought on all sorts of chuckles and pinched noses.

Remembering. . .

Memorial Day. . . We went to Memorial Park in Chula Vista.  It has a war memorial there that lists the names of all of the Chula Vista residents who have died in each of the wars since WWII.  We chose this location and monument because it has the name of "Papa the Great's" only  brother who was killed during WWII.  He was assigned to a gun on the USS Bataan, an aircraft carrier, and was taking part in the invasion of Okinawa when he was killed by a Kamikaze pilot who was shot down close to their ship on April 17, 1945.  RB Short was only 19 years old when he was buried at sea .

Taking a few  minutes to read about RB

A "non-traditional" Memorial day lunch at Pat & Oscar's.  
Mmmm. . . warm breadsticks and pasta.
After remembering RB and filling our tummys, we went to the park near our house, met up with some friends, and played until dark . . . Tomorrow, back to the grind.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Short, but Very Sweet . . .

Last Tuesday night, the kids were lucky enough to have their cousins over for a couple of hours in the evening and a couple of hours the next morning!  Brian had business in San Diego, so Danielle brought the kids over for a very short, but highly anticipated visit.  We made smores on our new "firepit", which is actually more of a fire pillar.  It stores away easier and runs on propane, which does not produce ash or smoke.  I was told this might be better for the small covered patio that we have, and for the small hands that might make a mess of the ash.  I have been wanting a firepit forever, and this was the compromise we came up with.  We are loving the warmth and the bellyaches.  Ryan wants to do hot dogs next , Lindsay popcorn (Jiffy).  Alie likes organizing the chocolate and graham squares, and J justs loves to run around the yard in the dark, chanting around the flames.  
Every time we roast, they all seem to find the big dipper, shooting stars, satellites, etc. 
Nixon keeping his "cool" as his mallows are flaming

Waiting patiently. . .
Ahhh. . . nice and sticky
This is the guy you want, if you want them done "just right".  A little obsessive compulsive?

In the morning, Pineapple Island "sorveys" (as Alie calls them), were served on the balcony just before the tears started flowing.  Parting is such sweet sorrow. Don't worry girls summer is right around the corner!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Padre Night Out . . .

Saturday night at Petco Park . . .  Always a fun time - there is music to dance to (Lindsay's moves are the best),  enough food to make you sick ( hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy, ice cream, etc.) , Oh . . . and a game to watch.  The Padres played a great game against the Cubs.  We actually stayed past the seventh inning stretch this time!!  Alie says that every time we go, we win.  Apparently, we need to go more often.  If only our stomaches could handle it:)  She kept referring to the runs as goals.  That's my girl!  

Washing it all down with lots of soda.  One happy kid!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Trip. . .

Today was Lindsay's field trip to M&H Landing along the bay.  Some highlights of the trip were:    having a mommy to help chaperon, 

being able to cast out a net and catch some friendly critters of the sea,
waving to nearby boats,
watching the locals snooze,
cruising around on a boat that looked like this one, which had a snack bar providing treats, and a microscope providing better "eyes" for plankton. 
and having the wind set our hair to flight.
The end result - one happy sailor, one wiped out mom:)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tournaments. . .

Alan and Jonny played in a golf tournament for Sharp Hospital on Friday.  They actually ended up taking first place!!  Unfortunately, one of the prizes they won was $200 to a local brewery. They also won a three hour harbor cruise in San Diego.  Three hour tour?  Good job guys, having some good boy bonding time was all the reward you needed I am sure.

Alie's Soccer Tournament. . . On Saturday, the "Silver Tornados" took 2nd place after playing five consecutive  games.  We were at the field for almost seven hours!!  The girls all played really well and had a little bit of time to rest in between games.  Mimi and Papa came out and  brought Loren, Mally, and Carter with them.  It was fun to have cousins to hang with.  It made the time so much more entertaining!   Justin told me this morning how much he misses "goob".  Thanks for coming guys, sharing your brainteasers, junk food, shade, and laughs. . . a great ending to Alie's soccer season. . . 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daddy's girls. . .

Tonight was the Daddy/Daughter Dance at the  school.  The theme was "Enchanted Amazon".  The girls shared their "enchanting" daddy and danced the night away in a colorful rainforest.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

Love these kids so much . . . 
It was a great day, starting with french toast and strawberries, church, visiting with family, reading homemade cards (my favorite part), and  ending with playing at the park at night,  driving home, and sleeping children.  Ahhhh. . . . 

My little guys. . . 
Justin got to be taller than Ryan in this pic.  Ryan wore this same suit to Brian and Danielle's wedding reception!!  Justin loved matching his big brother.  Ryan gave his first talk in Sacrament meeting today, Thanks Ry, it meant a lot to have you do this on Mother's Day.  You did a great job!  

We went to see Mimi after church for dinner.  (this pic was taken at Ryan's game last year.)  We are so lucky to have her nearby.  The kids love to go to Mimi's house!!
After dinner, I got to see my mom!!  She was nearby visiting my grandma.  It was dark by then, but we met at the park and let the kids play in the warm night air.  I wish I could have taken her home with me.  We miss you Nana!!  The visit was short, but sweet.    

Friday, May 8, 2009

Moms, muffins, and peaches?

This morning at the preschool, Justin had "moms and muffins".  The kids sang a sweet song, the teacher read a story, and for about 20 minutes, we cuddled, and had muffins and juice.  He was very excited to have this time with me.  After getting home, we went in the backyard for a bit of swinging.  I noticed that there were a few peach pits around the tree. . . 

We started gathering them up and putting them in a pile.  Justin wanted to count them, the numbers got a little crazy after "twenty - ten".  I think there must of been about 75,  and we did not even gather them all, I was getting a little grossed out:)

He is getting much more comfortable around the camera.
Apparently, this mesh fence, serves well as a ladder.  This is becoming a real problem.   I am not sure what to do.  I heard home depot has a way to trap them without hurting them.  
Or. . . Alan has a better idea involving target practice and an old BB gun.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Little Thief

It's that time of year . . . flowers are blooming, birds are singing,  and among other things, the peaches are starting to grow on our tree.  This is about the time where we need to "thin" them out.  Luckily, we have a little helper/thief.  Today, I caught him in the act, just before his escape under the fence. . . 

Justin named him "Sam".  Awww, he's so cute, mom.  
We see Sam almost every day,  it was fun to get his photo today, especially with the stolen peach still in his hands.

My tomatoes are blooming. . . I hope Sam doesn't like these.