Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Padre Night Out . . .

Saturday night at Petco Park . . .  Always a fun time - there is music to dance to (Lindsay's moves are the best),  enough food to make you sick ( hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy, ice cream, etc.) , Oh . . . and a game to watch.  The Padres played a great game against the Cubs.  We actually stayed past the seventh inning stretch this time!!  Alie says that every time we go, we win.  Apparently, we need to go more often.  If only our stomaches could handle it:)  She kept referring to the runs as goals.  That's my girl!  

Washing it all down with lots of soda.  One happy kid!!

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Mendenhalls said...

Such fun! I love that Alie enjoyed the goals. ok, we're there next on July 4th. Are you guys in??