Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bass Lake 2010

Our Annual Bass Lake Trip. I love this tradition. I love that Alan loves it too. We are always sad when the week is over.

We relaxed. Laughed. Talked. Read. Swam. Ate. Floated. Tubed. Fished. Wake boarded. Ate some more. Fed ducks. Slept in. Held babies. Built mud volcanos. Befriended "Moose", the puppy. Played games. Had Movie nights and boat rides to Millers. The "Bass Lake Fairy" made her nightly visit to sleeping children, and we are already counting down the days until next year . . .

Baby Ford

The tree trunk was new this year.
They balanced, jumped, and sat on the trunk, and it never got old.

They also took jumping to a new height. They did this over and over again. Justin loved this. What a brave little guy! No picture, just the one in my head.
The relaxation station below.

Grandma and Grandpa. Super cute!

One of the pirate ships.
We kind of go a little crazy with all of the rafts and floating toys.

The Hoho
The Red Rocket
Some of the cousins ( minus 6 ) with their bags on a scavenger hunt Sunday afternoon.

Ryan with Cart Cart. (We are still singing Yo Gabba Gabba songs.)

Ahhh, sucking down a Rootbeer Freeze. My fave.

Every night as the sun went down, the kids would fish. Lindsay, Grams, and the boys baited the worms and crickets. Kids hooked fish left and right. The bucket would fill up with a family of fish and then we would dump them back in. Good to know we weren't swimming alone.

Ryan designed the T shirts for this year and Grams had them made.
Nice job Ry!

Love these memories.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The RV

Days 9-10. Zion National Park. The RV's last official stop. We drove the beast through Zion tunnel (a mile long), past Checkerboard Mesa, and into our campsite right outside the park.
We spent one day here, then a day to travel home . . . Goodbye Hoo Doo Doo Doo, Thanks for the ride.
We stayed cool during the day by tubing down the river. The guy without his shirt on got pretty toasty. We kept our bums up to avoid rocks, but occasionally got stuck, or bumped off from rapids. I took a few photos on the mellow parts. Yikes. The kids loved this, little J was really brave. He did not exactly meet the age requirement, but they made an exception for us. So nice! He had his hands behind his head most of the time and just enjoyed the ride! Daddy did all the work.

We also stayed cool with ice cream and hikes as the sun began to go down. It was pleasant at this time of night and we were able to see turkeys nesting up in the trees. Quite a sight to see so many large birds up in the trees at night.
Ice Cream
Sunset hikes
Our favorite was Weeping Rock.

Love you babe, Thanks for the adventure!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Days 6-8. We drove the beast to Ruby's Inn Campground right outside Bryce Canyon National Park. Ice Cream and shopping were in walking distance, and were fun to do at sunset. BBQ Chicken and corn never tasted so good. Every night was a smore night. The stars, amazing.

In the morning, we were able to see deer.
Our mode of transportation into the park - the shuttle.
We all ate our share of lemon drops.