Monday, December 28, 2009

White Christmas

Christmas in Big Bear.

Santa's gifts - Ryan got a little video recorder and spent some of the day recording snow play and sledding. The rest of the time he spent reading his new book and finished it.
Lindsay got her first glue gun. She glued away and made the cutest little pom pom pets.
Alison got an American Girl doll and was thrilled! She spent an equal amount of time with this little doll.
Justin got a Space Shuttle and lots of "aliens" and "guys". He spent the day burying them and then digging them up again. We only lost one.

Nana and Hoho had a photo shoot with the grandkids in their pajamas that morning.
The girls
The boys
. . . and then headed off for a long winter's nap. (This picture was NOT posed.)
Snow fun in the back yard.

Ice sculptures

"We wish our side yard would get snow!"
Christmas Eve we headed out for the slopes. Justin stayed with Nana and cousins.
We had a great day together!

Ryan and Alison on the lift

Me and My Ry.

I love the view of the lake below. It is beautiful!
December 26th . . . Just because we hadn't quite had enough sugar.
I love this candy shop. It has barrels and barrels of Salt Water Taffy.

Their first purchases from their "Mimi Money".
Horse Whisperers
Couldn't resist this artsy photo. We had a lovely time.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Saturday . . . Our annual trip to "A Christmas Carol", or as we refer to it, "Scrooge". We spend the day traveling to the Glendale Centre Theatre and back, meeting many family members there. It is a great time to get together with family, enjoying the spirit of Christmas through song and the beautiful written words of Charles Dickens. It is a tradition that we look forward to every year.

Christmas Sunday
Hark! The Sabbath bells are ringing, hear the echoes all around. List! The merry children singing, what a pleasing, joyful sound! Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning, now we rest from every care. Welcome, Welcome, is thy dawning, Holy Sabbath day of prayer.

Alison and Justin's song - Baby in a manger, 'ere the break of day. Baby in a manger, sleeping on the hay. Hear the angels singing, joyful at thy birth. Gloria, Gloria. Peace on Earth.

Lindsay's - Peace, peace, peace on earth and good will to all. This is the time for joy. This is the time for love. Now let us all sing together of peace, peace, peace on earth.

My babiest girl with her baby blues.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry and Bright

We have spent a few of our evenings over the last week out spreading a little Christmas Cheer and enjoying the lights. One of these nights, Justin came running around the corner of a neighbor's house with these sweet goggles on under his big fluffy hat. Alan and I were in tears of laughter. Thank goodness for silly kids to help lighten grown up moods.
Thank goodness for the generosity of others. The Huishes do a great job of sharing. Their house is beautiful, and fun to wander through. There was a lot of pointing and gasping going on. So many tiny details, such fun. Here is just a little bit of the back yard.

Santa and the babes.

Just to be a little more Merry, I took the kids out of school to go to Disneyland before the break. We met Mimi, Papa, Jonny, Andi, and cousins there. Lots of people, lots of music, lights, and laughter. We had fun guys. We missed you daddy.