Sunday, May 29, 2011

To Each his Own . . .

Lindsay's Spring Concert. The before...
(Yes, she has just recently sprouted up. She is almost as tall as me.)
And the After...
The during. . . I filmed a little and listened. On one of the songs, she and two other girls played a little solo segment. Lindsay loves her flute. She has been asking for her own, I think it is about time. She so excited to keep playing.
Alie's Goin' Buggy Play. Love this 3rd grade play! I wish I would have taken a before and after of this, but these were both during. She did a cute song and dance number as a Firefly. This required her to dance with an actual boy and hold his hands while doing some spin moves. She was really nervous about this. She had tried out to be one of the dancers, not knowing that she would not only have to touch a boy, but jump on his back. What made it especially difficult was that he happened to be "Tyler". I loved the look on her face as she jumped on his back at the end. Hilarious.
Justin's Wackadoo Zoo Play. Super cute animals had their sounds all mixed up. Justin's group of Cows, just couldn't Moo, only Meow. They did this all through songs and speaking parts. This little guy has come a long way since Preschool. He loves to be up on stage. When I asked him what has made the difference this year, he said, "Those Preschool songs were kind of weird mom, These songs are way better, way more fun to sing." There you go. Here I thought it was shyness, apparently it was stubbornness. Either that, or good taste. Those songs were a little weird. On a side note, a couple of weeks ago: To challenge Justin to read harder chapter books, I told him I would pay him $2.50/book. As warped as this may seem, I offer the kids "money chores" sometimes, ones that are different from their non-paid ones. Cleaning out the pantry, vacuuming the car, etc, etc. Reading is almost as important as work, right? Anyways, He is extremely motivated by money, but he is also extremely intimidated of things that he thinks are too difficult for him to accomplish. I was interested to see how this would play out. What would win? Let's just say the kid always has his nose in a book lately. He is finishing one book every other day. Yikes. On the weekends, he goes through them faster. He goes to bed reading(even after being somewhat lulled from the scriptures), and when I go in to wake him up in the morning, he is already up and reading. Besides being a little grumpier from a little less sleep, the kid has really improved, and so has his confidence. I on the other hand, had wished I had made it .50 cents. Last night, we went to Target, to buy a Lego set. Now, he is broke, and motivated all over again. What have I done?
Maybe, I should suggest he read Harry Potter?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The "Flame Throwers" recently had their end of the season Tournament. The girls played 6 tight games. Not quite last year's victory, but well done. Alie and Lindsay loved being on the same team! It was fun to watch them together. This time of year, they have a larger age bracket. The coaches were awesome! Thanks Guys. Some pics from the season -

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This and That ...
CMRLL Night at Padres Game w/our littlest player.
Mother's Day Kindergarten Breakfast.
(Super Tender - not a dry eye.) I love that he put that my favorite thing to do is "sleep".
Fathers and Sons Campout. Dixon Lake. Annual bumper picture. I actually did get another picture this year of Justin asleep w/ a sticky smore face.
Mother/Son Dance. 50's Theme. I've missed this. It has been two years since Ry moved on to Middle School. Justin is loving school!

Sock Hop. Father/Daughter Dance.
These Girls Danced Every Song. Sweet moves too, I hear.
Early morning Activity Days Mother/Daughter Breakfast at the Church.
Yummy food. Great Company. Sweet Song.
Alie's Reading Olympics Ceremony. She received a Gold Medal for reading 1,735 pages in 6 weeks.
Cute Gold Medalists
Justin had George (classroom mascot) over the weekend. He had fun taking pictures with George and writing about his adventures.
George and Justin both got Game Balls. Sweet.