Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Four. . .

Monday, March 30th. . . Justin turned four today.  Coronado. . . a great place to try out his new bike.  So beautiful. . .and the kids love riding along the water.  After school, we loaded up bikes, scooters, and skateboards and crossed over the "big bridge" leading to the island.  This part is always exciting!  After blowing out the "lightsaber" candles on his cake, the kids played at the park, and then we headed down the bike path that leads to the Ferry landing.  On the way, the kids stopped at different breaks along the shoreline to throw rocks.  Justin loved doing this!  Also, there was a bird that kept going underwater for several minutes before resurfacing, and a game was soon made up to try and find and follow this bird along the way.  Lindsay made sure that all birds on land were forced into flight.  There were sailboats, aircraft carriers, and other types of boats that the boys were excited about.  We ate pasta and bread "knots" at the Ferry landing and watched the sun go down.   Justin fell asleep on the way home, blue frosting still on his lips.  I can't believe he is four. . .the time has gone so quickly.  Happy Birthday buddy!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Backpacking. . .

Friday and Sat, March 27th/28th . . . Ryan's first backpacking hike with the twelve year old and varsity scouts.  They hiked up to Kitchen Creek Falls in the Laguna Mountains.  With all of their gear, they hiked four miles in to set up camp, cooked dinner, and collapsed.  Ryan said the stars were amazing, with just a slight sliver of a moon.  In the morning, they hiked without their packs to the bottom of the canyon, and then up to the Falls.   Ryan did a great job with his camera getting photos for me!  Then it was back to camp, packing up, loading it all onto their backs, and making the six mile trek back down.  This part was apparently pretty rough.  Good thing the boys had their walking sticks to help hold them upright.  Very fun guys!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Game On!

Saturday. . .March 28th. . . Alie's soccer game.  The Silver Tornadoes (Our team) played against the Dalmations.  The white next to the light grey made it little difficult to distinguish between the two teams.  The girls, on the other hand, had no problem identifying their teammates, and had a great game!  They had their third victory, keeping us undefeated.  (But who's counting?)  I actually had my camera today, which was lucky because Alie scored her first goal of the season!  She really hung in there and played a great game.  I think that her new favorite position is mid-fielder.  It gives her more area to cover. . . it was like we released a newly charged Alison.  The girl does not like to be restricted apparently, oh, I knew that. 

Alison #6 (She likes that her number reflects her age.)

Alison's goal!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Potato Derby

Sunday, March 22nd. . . Scotty's mission farewell to Boise, Idaho.  A potato themed luncheon and derby were held afterwards.  A potato derby really brings out Grandpa's smile. (A new missionary also contributes.)  The kids had fun making their "cars" out of potatoes and veggies.  We are so excited for Scott and know he will have a great mission!!


Ryan's car, in the making, minus the driver (Brock O. Lee).

Justin, doing a test run.

The race is over, the wheels are off, and yes, the veggies were taken home.