Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Potato Derby

Sunday, March 22nd. . . Scotty's mission farewell to Boise, Idaho.  A potato themed luncheon and derby were held afterwards.  A potato derby really brings out Grandpa's smile. (A new missionary also contributes.)  The kids had fun making their "cars" out of potatoes and veggies.  We are so excited for Scott and know he will have a great mission!!


Ryan's car, in the making, minus the driver (Brock O. Lee).

Justin, doing a test run.

The race is over, the wheels are off, and yes, the veggies were taken home.


Danielle said...

Fun stuff! Ok, the pics look totally fine!!

diane said...

You know a missionary in Boise Idaho? Maybe Jordan will be his companion. Is his last name Short?