Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet Hobbes. . .

March 2nd. . . Ryan went to 6th grade camp at Camp Cuyamaca for the whole week!!  We all really missed him.  Alison shed a few crocodile tears every night around dinner time, Lindsay daily calculated the hours remaining until his arrival,  and Justin had a hard time sleeping by himself.  He even cleared out a cupboard downstairs, saying maybe since he fit inside, he could sleep there, nice and safe.  I do not have any pictures of Ryan leaving or returning  (fear of extreme humiliation), but I did take some pictures of Hobbes.  He sat in the same position all week on a tightly made bed.  Hobbes was named after the Tiger in Calvin and Hobbes, Ryan's favorite comic strip.  Hobbes is currently our family uno champion, is a good listener, and just really a fun guy to have around.
When Ryan got home on Friday, Alan and I took him to California Pizza Kitchen.  He was hungry, but mostly wanted dessert. (One thing they did not provide.)  He had a huge slice of chocolate banana cake with ice cream, two sodas with ice, and he was almost normal.  I have never seen him so tired.   A few highlights:  The guy under his bunk throwing up three times, being forced to shower four times,  sleeping on his wadded up towel because he forgot his pillow, being woken up with whistles, hiking, suffering computer/phone loss, discovering french toast with cinnamon, hanging out with friends, and enjoying hilarious skits.  All in all, a fun week, but he was glad to be home, and we were glad to have  him home.

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Danielle said...

How sad that his brother and sisters missed him so much...did you tell him? Isn't that the best? So sad about the wadded up towel. Camp is just so sad for me, our poor sheltered kids having to "rough it" without mom and dad!