Monday, March 23, 2009

Field Trip

February 24th. . .Lindsay's field trip to the USS Ronald Reagan.  Alan really wanted to go with her to visit this massive aircraft carrier.  They enjoyed sitting in the captain's chair, meeting some of the sailors, and learning about life aboard the ship.  The carrier is 1,092 feet long, has a flight area of 4.5 acres, and is stocked with missiles, guns, and electronic warfare.  Pretty cool, but Lindsay was most impressed with the enormous flight deck, how they ate, and how they attended church. (They actually have a little chapel.)  Alan was impressed with the catapult that they launch the jets with, and the giant cables that they catch them with when they come back in. (Not surprising. . . like a giant game of catch.)  They say it costs $1 million dollars to operate the carrier daily.  After their "tour",  they were able to go to The Westin Hotel nearby, where the owner of the hotel took them to the top floor in a glass elevator.  The view from the top overlooked the bay and city below.   The owner even let the kids sit in his red Lamborghini!!
What?  Next time, Ryan volunteered to escort her, for educational purposes, of course.

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