Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mom, Mom . . .

Mom, Mom, you have got to see this. Hurry mom! A phrase, often heard. right? Tonight, I heard it a lot. The sky was amazing tonight. Justin must have snapped 2 dozen pictures with my phone. This weather has been really unusual. High temps., followed by thunder, lightning, and rain. It has been very exciting around here. The kids had a small fire near the school that was caused by the lightning. Justin was impressed. Ryan even risked his life at football practice, under a lightning rod sky. The coolest thing though, was last night's rainbow. It turned out to be a double rainbow! So cool.

The girls wanted a picture of them under it.
The backyard was spectacular. This was Justin's view from the bathtub upstairs. I heard Mom, mom. . . again. He had all of the shutters open and he was standing up pointing out to the sky. He said he was looking for more rainbows, but found cotton candy sky instead.
I ran to get my camera.
A little bit later, this.
And then, this. So pretty. Nitey Nite.
Wednesday. No school, so we headed to Disneyland!
It was warm, so we stayed cool with ice cream and water rides. We met up with friends and enjoyed our day off! Low crowds. Lots of pumpkins. Jack and Sally. Ice on a straw. Chocolate covered bananas. Wet clothes. Happy kids.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have been trying to live more "in the moment" and not behind my camera. So, when it was time for our ward beach party on Friday night, I packed up our sweatshirts and boogie boards, and grabbed the beach bag (minus the camera). Last time I went to the beach I ended up taking pictures with my phone, but I knew mine was dead, so I was good. Well, so I thought. As the sun started to set, and the colors starting forming around the clouds, I just couldn't take it. I keep a "spare" in the car, you know for emergencies. It is old, and doesn't really hold a charge well, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The sunset was so beautiful, could you blame me? I snapped just a few, trying not to take away from the moment, but wanting to remember. I will remember holding onto three soggy children, with sticky smore faces, and watching their amazement as the sun was sucked down into the water. It is like new babies, amazing and beautiful every time. Ok, so maybe I am a little over the top, but it is pretty cool. Justin said that was the coolest thing he had ever seen. He is still talking about how once the bottom of the sun touches the water, it just gets sucked right down in "like 2 minutes". Ryan was at football, so we will have to go back soon and relive it all over again. And then again. Without the camera. Wink. I am so glad the kids love the beach as much as I do. I love that they ask me even before we get in the car if we can come back tomorrow. It makes for a happy momma.



both out swimming under a beautiful sky

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two Wheeling Justin

Today Justin took off on his bike and was so excited! Alan took off his pedals and he went down the driveway a couple of times to practice balancing with his feet off the ground. (Thanks to You Tube tips). That's all it took. Pedals were put back on, and he was one happy kid! This video looks somewhat unsafe, no need to worry (Nan & Mimi), the girls were out on the main street on traffic duty watching for cars. Awesome, Justin, bring on the family bike rides! I know what we are doing on Monday night. The park might be a better place to start. Thanks Ry for putting together this video clip for me. And no worries about the end of this clip, it was followed by an "I did it" and a high five with daddy. No blood. Phew.