Monday, November 29, 2010


Today was Alan's birthday! Shout Hooray!! We went to see Harry Potter while the kids were in school. Mimi, Papa, The New Papa, & Andi and kids came down for an early dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger. Yummy shakes and burgers to celebrate, and then back to the house for cake and Peppermint Ice cream. Happy Day!! We love you! You love getting those precious cards from the kids each year. They are funny and choke you up all at the same time.
I took this picture of the moonlight a few nights ago. It was a beautiful sight. We just sat and marveled at it. Harry Potter was somewhat like this. Dark, yet Wonderful.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall & Football

The Season is ending. It has been fun. One more game, and we will need to find something else to do with our Saturday nights. I am sure we will think of something:)
Here are more than a few pictures . . . Ry is #11.

His three #1 fans. They didn't miss a game.

Nana and Hoho
Mimi, Papa, and the New Papa

Ry and Nelson
Our favorite cheerleader, Sabrina
Little Cheerleaders, Alie and Mallory
Tough Little Guys
Lindsay and Loren
Cozy Benchwarmers
The Boys

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Girls played in the rain this morning. It was cold and wet and early. They played hard. We warmed up with Peppermint Hot Cocoa and Carmel Apple Cider.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stone Soup

Justin's Kindergarten class has been busy disguising turkeys, making placemats, and preparing for their "Stone Soup" feast today. He and Hannah are displaying their cute hats.

Justin thought that the stone soup was so delicious and just loves the story. This particular batch had 3 stones, broth, carrots, cabbage, celery, and barley. Justin ate it all up. They also had pumpkin pie, popcorn, and cornbread muffins. Yummy. He wants me to make the soup for dinner tomorrow:)
Not a vegetable left. Mmmm. . .
Today, Alie had her oral presentation on the Kumeyaay Indian Hut that she made. She was so excited about this. They could choose any artifact to present, and she picked the hut because she said she could picture a little Indian family in there all nice and cozy.
We are ready for Thanksgiving Break!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Justin's paper "guys". He spends hours drawing, cutting, and playing with these guys. Today after he made a mini santa, he counted 38. He made 7 attempts on a shepherd, and couldn't figure out how to not make it look like a girl because of the head wrap. His solution was to write next to him, "I am a sheprd" I love that one. The elf is pretty cute too. Patterned after Will Ferrell:)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

B-Day / V-Day

Lindsay's birthday and Veterans day were great reasons to head up to OC for a couple of days! We don't always need a reason, we love hanging out with family, but it does help when the kids don't have school. We had a great birthday bash/holiday/sleepover/movie party! Thanks Doneys!
Yummy Wahoos.
Cute movie.

As the sun went down, we thought of Mimi, Papa, and Jonny, while enjoying our Shave Ice. They were in Hawaii enjoying theirs, while the sunset provided a little better of a view, I am sure. Missed you guys! Did you miss us? (You can lie and say you did:)

Fun game w/tops

These kids are all growing up so fast. The good thing is that now we can leave them. We were able to go out to dinner, just the four of us. They told us to take our time, so we did, and went out for dessert before heading home:) We came home to a clean house and 2 little boys in their beds.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Lindsay, today you turned 11. Last night, you were a little worried about your big day. You told me that you were not ready to grow up. I bit my lip. You remind me so much of me. Sometimes when I worry about you, I see a miniature me, and know you will survive. You are stronger than you realize. Growing up is a beautiful thing and you have so many wonderful things to look forward to. For now, though, I reassured you that you have two full years until you are a teenager. I asked you if Ryan seemed grown up because he is 13. You agreed that no, he did not. That made you feel better, like it bought you a little time. Take all the time you need. As far as gifts, all you wanted for your birthday was a bird. You didn't get one. You are our little bird. You were so happy with the constellation projector that lights up your ceiling with stars at night. What makes it even better is that it is shaped like a turtle and it projects the light out of the shell. You said that whoever invented it was absolutely brilliant. You also got the American Girl Doll Lindsey. You love that she has freckles and curly hair like you. You have learned to embrace your freckles. We love the tradition of putting up the Christmas tree for your birthday. It gets us all in the spirit. We love you Lindsay Rae, Happy Happy Birthday!!
Red Velvet Cake, your Favorite.

The first two stuffed animals on the tree. For the next few weeks, until we decorate it "properly", our tree goes through many interesting decorating stages. By the end of the night, our tree was filled with animals, star wars guys, etc. Let the Season begin!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Favorite Recents

A few favorite recents pulled off my phone
Justin Swinging

Alie under the Sunbeams

Girls playing Football with the boys under a Silver Lining, during one of Ryan's games.
Justin's Many Faces.
Climbing a tree during a soccer game.