Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We had Alie's Birthday party on her actual birthday, which was fun, that doesn't happen too often. We went to the Yogurt Shop after school to celebrate. A few highlights: a warm day, her polka dot dress, singing to taylor swift on the drive over with friends, having the place to ourselves (luck), a 50% off purchase coupon, hula hoop contest, yummy yogurt, and the water in the face game, always a favorite.

Her new doll Laney, from mom and dad
Eight is Great! You are looking forward to your baptism!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Babies

My two Spring Babies.
Tomorrow Alison will turn 8.

(Alie barely 3, Justin 2 months)

Alison. Sweet Alie. Beautiful Girl. Strong Girl.

You are placed in the center of our family, and it is there that you are meant to be. You are where the attention centers in our family. Everyone loves you. You are fun. You are kind. You find joy in making others happy. We enjoy watching you excel on the soccer field and in all that you do. We love you and we love that you cannot go to sleep unless you have had a kiss from both mom and dad. You are the best babysitter. You love babies, especially ones you can carry. You are determined. You are a love.
You are my love.
Happy 8th Birthday!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life is good, when your five year old asks. . .
Mom, can we have asparagus for dessert again tonight?

(After the rest of our meal was eaten, the asparagus was sufficiently steamed. I rang the bell again, they came running down again, and we divided up the green stuff. Whala! "dessert":)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Thursday night, the girls went to see Taylor Swift at the Staples Center in LA. We were so excited and were dazzled and entertained by her performance! Alan surprised the girls, Nana, and I with a Limo for our transportation there and home. We sang all the way there. We slept all the way home. I will always remember this night with my girls!!
Taylor had many guitar and outfit changes. We loved this sparkly guitar!
Off we go!!! A little excited?!
A toast to our daddy with Cider.
Taylor's Bus
Boots on, and . . . Ready to go inside!!

Too cute! We met up with Presley right before.

The set changes were different for every song. This one was for Love Story.
Lots of singing, dancing, and screaming. A few tears. Bits of cuddling. More singing.
At one point in the concert, she came out into the audience and then up onto a platform that was so close enough to us that we could look right into her eyes as we sang. Alie flipped out, she just kept saying, mom I just want to touch her!! She took a close up picture of her boots. It is all about the shoes, oh, and the song. She sang two songs here, one of which was Hey Stephen, one of our favorites!! How perfect. The yellow dress made it even more so.

We love you Taylor!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter morning. We woke up at Mimi's house!
The bunny left the kids pillow pets.
He also left them each a box of sugar cereal.
He does that every year.
Funny Bunny.
Girls in their matching jammies
My big guy loved his Chocolate Moose.
My little guy his Lucky Charms.
Papa made his famous potatoes, blueberry pancakes, strawberries, and bacon, So yummy!

The egg hunt

Some great cousin and candy time. We also had our traditional money trading time. For every four quarters found in the eggs, Papa gave a dollar. He loves those precious quarters!

Thanks Papa and Mimi!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Welcome Spring!

Listen closely . . . Can you hear them? They are singing.
"I feel Pretty, Oh so Pretty. . ."