Tuesday, June 29, 2010


For the last 10 days we have been Cruising America in this beast. We have affectionately named it "The Hoo Doo, Doo Doo". Hoo Doo, after the rock formations in Bryce Canyon, and Doo Doo, after the septic tank memories. Alan holds most of those memories on his own.
Our trip in a nutshell - We started by heading straight up to Salt Lake to visit The Becks, then to a Family Reunion camping at Cherry Hill, back to the Becks to celebrate the 4th, then to Bryce Canyon National Park, and ended our trip at Zion's National Park.

Days 1 - 3.

Day 1 - Traveling. We met up with cousins in St. George.
Let the games begin!
Day 2 - We went to Salt Lake as a family and visited Temple Square. We also went to The Lion House, The Beehive House, and the Church History Museum.
We ate lunch at the Lion House Pantry.
The artichoke chicken, a favorite. The flowers, beautiful. The weather, warm.

Day 3 - We went to BYU. The weather again was pretty warm. We walked around a bit, but mostly stayed inside visiting the bookstore, the cougareat, and creamery. Al took a walk down memory lane and the kids were happy to walk along with him.

A little too matchy, I know. But hey, we got spirit!
Justin with his ice cream and flying pig from the bookstore.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love summertime! It brings cousins together.
Sarah, Darren, Daegan, and Ryden came for a visit.
Ryden loved playing with Alie's hairbrush.
She screamed if we took it away.
Alie loved every minute and pulled out all of her hair accessories.
Ryan and Daegan hangin' out.
Lindsay set up train tracks outside with tunnels and bridges that went in and out of the planter. Her creativity kept the little boys busy.
While they were here, we went to Sea World together.

Nana with the kids looking at the Polar Bear.
Fierce bear cubs in their snow den.

Fun Day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today the train dropped off a Very Valuable Parcel.
Our Nana came to visit! She sometimes takes the train. This required us to drive to Carlsbad to pick her up. It was all very exciting!
Since we were there, we went Strawberry Picking and then to Ruby's for Milkshakes. While in the fields, we ate and ate until our lips were stained. There is nothing quite like ripened strawberries picked right off the vine.
What a great way to start our week!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Anniversary. 17 years.
Joy. Bliss. Love. Fun. Strength. Pure. Aged. Sweet.


Ryan and Alan spent the night in the Angeles National Forest at The Bridge to Nowhere. Sounds like a comforting, resting spot, no? Lots of streams to cross and . . . LOTS of spiders. Thousands, I am told. They were on everything. Utensils, packs, headlamps, everywhere. Pretty much Harry Potter. They brushed them off their packs, jumped in the tent, zipped it up, smashed a few more, and went to sleep. Yikes. In the morning, they were all gone. There was not one. Weird. Ryan has a new found testimony in the power of prayer. I was glad that they were together, even though it was our anniversary eve. For the first time in 17 years, I woke up on our anniversary to a five year old cuddle bug. Still sweet, just not my hubby.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mud Run

Team Headband 2010
Yesterday these guys participated in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run making it the team's 4th Annual run. Traditions included sketchy poses, duct tape, entertained spectators, mud pit, fire trucks and hoses, friends, crazy themed teams (the Mariachi band was awesome), carnival food, and of course, headbands. Downright dirty, but a good time.

A Great Start

Footloose and School-Free!!
We have had a great start to our summer! Tuesday afternoon, the kids all said goodbye to their classmates and teachers mid-day. Our first four days have been a bit June-gloomy, but we are so happy to officially begin our summer time rituals. Here are some random highlights.
A Swim Day.

He's awesome!

Brave One.
To sum up the feeling of Freedom. "Woo Hoo!"
A couple more beach days.
Last day of school soccer practice and dinner in Del Mar on the beach.

Seriously, I still want to eat him up, sand and all.
Future 5th Graders at the Ice Skating Rink
Last day of 7th Grade!
Waiting for Breakfast Bagels after a swim day.
Love that they serve them all day long.
Park Day with the Tylers
My running buddy. (She kicks my butt on the hills)
Friday. Picnic at Old Poway Park. Just me and the kids.
In-n-out burgers, $1 Walmart bouncy balls, walking along the railroad tracks, tadpoles in the streams, grapevines to pick at, and the sun tucked away in the clouds made for a nice afternoon. I've decided I need a picnic basket.