Saturday, March 28, 2009

Game On!

Saturday. . .March 28th. . . Alie's soccer game.  The Silver Tornadoes (Our team) played against the Dalmations.  The white next to the light grey made it little difficult to distinguish between the two teams.  The girls, on the other hand, had no problem identifying their teammates, and had a great game!  They had their third victory, keeping us undefeated.  (But who's counting?)  I actually had my camera today, which was lucky because Alie scored her first goal of the season!  She really hung in there and played a great game.  I think that her new favorite position is mid-fielder.  It gives her more area to cover. . . it was like we released a newly charged Alison.  The girl does not like to be restricted apparently, oh, I knew that. 

Alison #6 (She likes that her number reflects her age.)

Alison's goal!


ferntyler said...

you even got a picture of her goal - now that is being a good fan...

Danielle said...

Awesome!! Way to go Alie!!!