Friday, March 6, 2009


Wednesday, October 15th . . . Ryan had "professional growth day" at school, so we took advantage of the mid-week day and went to Disneyland.  It is always fun to go this time of year.  One of the kids' favorites is The haunted mansion.  They love seeing "Nightmare before Christmas" theme.  We were fortunate to see Jack Skelington and Sally outside the castle.  Alie commented on how beautiful she looked.  Blue and beautiful.  Not beautiful enough to stand in the line to meet her though, so I snapped a shot with them in the background.  Candy corn grew a plenty on stalks in California adventure, and Justin enjoyed playing in "the jungle" with his pirate sword while we waited for the older kids to go on Indiana Jones.  (This ride not to be repeated.)  Being swallowed by a Whale, eating giant pickles and churros always repeated.  Meeting your fairy godmother: very rare indeed.

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