Sunday, March 8, 2009


November 29th. . .Happy Birthday Al!. . . Today you are 39!
You spent the day golfing with Brian, Darren, Hoho, and Ryan.
The rest of us met you at Bandit's BBQ for dinner.  
You got your meat burnt just the way you like it.  (And I didn't say a thing about the wait.)

Photographed below is a Stallion.  (not referring to the one who neighs.)
You still ride a white horse.
Happy Birthday!  I love you. 

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ferntyler said...

nice Stallion reference :) If you want to change the date on your post - look at the bottom when you are working on them and there is a "post options" click on that and then you can put whatever date and time you want. I am really enjoying reading all your old posts