Thursday, March 5, 2009

All smiles

Lindsay got her braces off yesterday!  Perfect timing for her school picture that was taken today.  This event required me to straighten her hair, which she loves to run a brush through over and over again.  Her daddy prefers the curls.  I think it is because it is hard to watch her grow up.  What do I know?  She is such a good helper to me and such a good girl.  She is an animal lover.  Featured here is Lolly, her new hamster.  Lolly replaced our dear frog, Gigantor, who was tragically run over by Ryan on his bike.  The toad was enjoying a nice splash in the hose water, when he was blindsighted by the cyclist.  The accident caused his fatality, which was followed by utter histeria and a trip to the pet store for a quick replacement.  This made all involved feel much better.  Alan was not involved.
Not posted:  Alie's first grade frog dissection project.

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