Thursday, March 5, 2009

Castle Rock

So, I am starting this blog like a would a scrapbook, backtracking a bit, and highlighting a few events that took place between September and February.  I know this is not how it is typically done, but I am the sort that tends to be stubborn and not easily motivated to move forward.  I now begin my reflection of the past few months.  Reflection.  Remembering.  Yikes!  
(The pictures help.)
Let's see. . . The month is September.  The weekend is Labor Day.   The trail is Castle Rock.  The place is Big Bear.  The game is "The Bear Hunt".   The participants are:  Mimi, Papa, Nana, Hoho, us, and the kids.  (Justin being the leader of the quest.)
No bears or relief for Nana's sore knee were revealed in this brigade.   Some things that were discovered included caves, fallen trees, gigantic rocks, just a few pinecones, stick swords, a beautiful view of the lake, and of course, the legendary Castle Rock.  It is also necessary to note that Lindsay's retainer was also found, but not in the short uphill search from the bottom starting back up the trail, but in her pocket, safe and sound, where she left it. 


                                                             "Where's Ryan?"       

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