Sunday, March 29, 2009

Backpacking. . .

Friday and Sat, March 27th/28th . . . Ryan's first backpacking hike with the twelve year old and varsity scouts.  They hiked up to Kitchen Creek Falls in the Laguna Mountains.  With all of their gear, they hiked four miles in to set up camp, cooked dinner, and collapsed.  Ryan said the stars were amazing, with just a slight sliver of a moon.  In the morning, they hiked without their packs to the bottom of the canyon, and then up to the Falls.   Ryan did a great job with his camera getting photos for me!  Then it was back to camp, packing up, loading it all onto their backs, and making the six mile trek back down.  This part was apparently pretty rough.  Good thing the boys had their walking sticks to help hold them upright.  Very fun guys!


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