Tuesday, March 10, 2009

             December 20th. . . Our annual Christmas tradition. . . "Scrooge".
We look forward to seeing the play every year at Glendale Center Theatre.  This is the only picture I have that didn't turn out blurry or red.  (Time for a new small camera.) 
Following the play, all of the family met for dinner near the Theatre.  We walked over enjoying lights wrapped around tree trunks and the cool night air.  
This tradition always gets me in the Christmas spirit.               
I wish I could say the night ended well, but unfortunately, Grandpa fell and broke his hip.   He was able to get to a hospital near home and have the surgery he needed to repair his injury. Despite a few complications along the way, and having to spend Christmas in the hospital, he is doing well with his rehabilitation efforts.  Grandma makes sure of that.  We love you Grandma and Grandpa.  Thanks for all the memories.                                    

Dec 19th. . . Justin's handprint snow angel.  

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