Friday, March 20, 2009

On the slopes. . .

February 19th, 20th, 21st. . . Snow Summit. . . Day 1 - Just Al, Ryan, and I. . .We ripped it up, well, the boys ripped it up, and I carefully followed.  So much fun, and so much powder (for Big Bear).  Day 2 - the three littler ones and the cheering/hot cocoa/babysitting squad (aka: Nana and Hoho) joined us.  This was a day for learning and perfecting the "snow plow", taking the lift up without mom or dad, showing their mother how "easy" it is to get off the lift, and falling in love with the sport.  Day 3 - Enjoying the day with a little less weight (Justin).  Nana and Hoho assisted in this relief.  This enabled the rest of us to go on higher, longer slopes, which Ryan appreciated and the girls learned to love!  Such kind girls waited for their mom at the bottom of each hill.  By the third day, I was feeling the fullness of my age.
Alan, Ryan, and I
A beautiful view of the lake.
Snow "bunnies"

Ryan "on his toes"

Justin with his instructor (Daddy).

Alie "parallel skiing" minus the poles

Mom and Ryan
A tired bunch
The cheering squad

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3WimmerBoys said...

Thanks for adding me Val! See, I knew you went on this trip, I heard a little about it, but now I get to see pictures and read more details. I love it! Thanks! We had fun last night, we'll have to do it again.