Saturday, March 14, 2009


January 19th. . . MLK Birthday. . . No School. . . Perfect day to get new annual passes!  We went on Monday with Andi the and kids.  We stayed overnight in the hotel and went on Tuesday, as well, because the kids had another Professional Growth Day.  Love it!!
On Monday, the highlights were Justin and Carter being able to rub down Lightning McQueen with a diaper, and going on the new Toy Story ride!  (Very cool.)  Ryan and Loren, with much hesitation and a few tears, braved "California Screemin".  This was their first real roller coaster (besides Space Mountain), and they both loved it so much, they went on it three times!!!  

On Tuesday, the highlights were Alie and Justin meeting and dueling Darth Vader, and all of the kids (including Justin), going on a smaller roller coaster in California Adventure.  They went a half dozen times.  They repeated this on the Toon Town coaster.  When there is not a line, they just let the kids stay on.  Brave kids, slightly nervous mom.

Justin and Carter tall enough for California Soaring
Buzz Lightyear guns

Two newly licensed drivers!

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Mendenhalls said...

That new Toy Story ride is super fun. I'm trying to figure a good day to go in May, after the Spring Break chaos and before June blackout days. My kids don't know what it is like to go on a busy day, they're spoiled!