Sunday, May 15, 2011

This and That ...
CMRLL Night at Padres Game w/our littlest player.
Mother's Day Kindergarten Breakfast.
(Super Tender - not a dry eye.) I love that he put that my favorite thing to do is "sleep".
Fathers and Sons Campout. Dixon Lake. Annual bumper picture. I actually did get another picture this year of Justin asleep w/ a sticky smore face.
Mother/Son Dance. 50's Theme. I've missed this. It has been two years since Ry moved on to Middle School. Justin is loving school!

Sock Hop. Father/Daughter Dance.
These Girls Danced Every Song. Sweet moves too, I hear.
Early morning Activity Days Mother/Daughter Breakfast at the Church.
Yummy food. Great Company. Sweet Song.
Alie's Reading Olympics Ceremony. She received a Gold Medal for reading 1,735 pages in 6 weeks.
Cute Gold Medalists
Justin had George (classroom mascot) over the weekend. He had fun taking pictures with George and writing about his adventures.
George and Justin both got Game Balls. Sweet.

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Laura said...

Busy! Busy! I love to see your updates!