Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Trip. . .

Today was Lindsay's field trip to M&H Landing along the bay.  Some highlights of the trip were:    having a mommy to help chaperon, 

being able to cast out a net and catch some friendly critters of the sea,
waving to nearby boats,
watching the locals snooze,
cruising around on a boat that looked like this one, which had a snack bar providing treats, and a microscope providing better "eyes" for plankton. 
and having the wind set our hair to flight.
The end result - one happy sailor, one wiped out mom:)


diane said...

What a fun adventure. I love the pic of Lindsey with her hair blowing.

ferntyler said...

looks like fun! those kids always seem to have more energy when the field trips are over, and I just need a nap