Friday, May 8, 2009

Moms, muffins, and peaches?

This morning at the preschool, Justin had "moms and muffins".  The kids sang a sweet song, the teacher read a story, and for about 20 minutes, we cuddled, and had muffins and juice.  He was very excited to have this time with me.  After getting home, we went in the backyard for a bit of swinging.  I noticed that there were a few peach pits around the tree. . . 

We started gathering them up and putting them in a pile.  Justin wanted to count them, the numbers got a little crazy after "twenty - ten".  I think there must of been about 75,  and we did not even gather them all, I was getting a little grossed out:)

He is getting much more comfortable around the camera.
Apparently, this mesh fence, serves well as a ladder.  This is becoming a real problem.   I am not sure what to do.  I heard home depot has a way to trap them without hurting them.  
Or. . . Alan has a better idea involving target practice and an old BB gun.  


Kelly Fam said...

I know, rodents are pests! We found a very cute, very little bunny during our highway clean up. I thought, oh how cute, which it was, but then I thought, wait a minute you and all of your kind are the culprits eating my bark on my young trees and leave all your poop in my yard. I just hope it's good fertilizer.
Good luck with that trap

3WimmerBoys said...

I love Mom's and Muffins! I will get to go back next year after a year off. You and Justin look so cute.