Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ryan, Today was your birthday. Here is a list of things you got today.

You got to speak in Sacrament Meeting.
You had 6 Grandparents here. Nana & Hoho. Papa & Mimi. Grandma & Grandpa.
You were ordained into the Teacher's Quorum at Church.
You got a ukulele! (You have been asking)
You got to have a bit of rain today. ( I think all of the strumming and humming
summoned the Tropical Heavens.)
You saw two of your cousins today, Loren and Carter.
You had an ice cream cake.
You got to enjoy Papa's homemade tortilla chips, yummy.
I think you got taller.
You are one GREAT kid, and we love you!!
Happy Birthday Mr. Pants.


Jen said...

Wow! I can't believe how much Justin looks like Ryan. Crazy similar! Love the ukulele!!

Laura said...

Unbelieveable! Where has the time gone? Also, James wore those shark jammies and david wore the plaid pants/thermal top set. Those pics brought back Good Memories!!