Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter Break

This week the kids had the week off for Winter Break. We went up to Big Bear for a couple of days to ski. Ryan broke his arm on the last day. A board. A jump. An unfortunate fall. He broke the largest bone is his upper body, near the shoulder on his right side. For now, it is casted, but, he will need to have surgery. The positives ( we are trying to focus on them ) : He was wearing a helmet. His collarbone and back are fine. He has been getting a lot of Jamba Juice, and sympathy from the cat. He is sleeping in a sweet hospital bed in the family room (Thanks Naylors). We are saving a TON of money in water, (no showering.) He is eager to go to school. And . . . It didn't happen on Valentine's Day.
This is what did happen on the 14th.
Our four little Valentines on a beautiful day.

On the 15th, Justin took a break.
Not a fall, just a nap (fever), and some time with his Nana and Hoho.
Ryan and Lindsay
Ry, Linds, and I at the top w/ a view of the Lake.


ferntyler said...

So cool (except for the broken arm part - ouch!). I love all the cute ski bunny pics - one of these days I"m going to learn to do that myself :)

Gavin and Shawna said...

HOW fun!! We went up there too...on the weekend! It was beautiful and very snowy =)) We should go up some time- together!

Sarah said...

Hope Ryan's doing better! Ryden woke up with a fever yesterday morning and no other symptoms and today she is fine! so strange. Glad justin is all better too! Super cute valentines!