Saturday, February 19, 2011


All of our doubts of whether or not we are parenting adequately, if we are doing enough, etc etc, have gone out the window for a least a couple of hours. These are the best kinds of love notes. Justin made one of these for every one in the family. Each sticky sweet. I thought it was funny that he told each of the girls that they were "the best sister". Each signed on the back, Happy Valentimes. I heart you, Justin. ( I think he has mastered his heart making).

Exchanges and Parties happened Friday before the break.
(I love when you can capture a moment.)
Love these guys.
(They love Chopsticks.)

Our Date night. Dinner - 5 Guys. Yummy.
Jane Austin's "Emma" at the Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park. A Musical.
Hilarious and Well done. What a Lovely evening. Love Jane Austin. Love Mr. Knightly.
Love you, Mr. Short.

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ferntyler said...

Very fun - of course your girls even have cute matching sweetheart shirts - so cute!