Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tonight before bed, the girls put on their matching nightgowns and dressed their babies alike. "Take a picture mom, so we can remember." Music to my ears. They look so old in this picture. I know in five years from now, I will think the opposite. On each doll's shoulder is a clip on bird. That was Lindsay's touch. Alie is such a little mother. She still carries around Justin, (yep, he lets her). She might as well while she can, although she might have a crooked back later in life. A friend told me that in the car, Alie named 50 babies that she knew. 50. Crazy.

A long time ago (5 years), in a far away galaxy. Lindsay (6), Alie (4).
I wish time would slow down a bit.


ferntyler said...

that is so sweet - I love it when they not only do something cute, but also encourage picture taking of it!

Kim said...

4 and 6 are my girls now. Please don't tell me that they will be as big as your girls someday (soon?)