Friday, January 28, 2011


To celebrate Ryan's birthday, we went to Knott's Berry Farm. This was the first time for the kids. Alan and I hadn't been in 17 years. The kids loved it! The log ride was a favorite. Justin loved seeing Snoopy. The Wild West Stunt show (aka, valvestoonshow), brought back memories of our newlywed days. Chicken Dinner restaurant, yummy. The kids loved seeing the "Old West" and learning about Mr. Knott, boysenberries, mining, panning for gold, and all the stuff that goes with an Old Town. It felt somewhat like a ghost town, not many people out this day. Ryan, Lindsay, and Alan went on Montezuma's revenge multiple times, without any vomit. I was impressed. Not nearly Disneyland in cleanliness, but worth the trip. Lindsay had several quotes of the day, (1) "Let's not let other 11 years of my life go by without coming back, ok?" (2) When hearing the chickens in the bushes, " I feel sorry for the chickens that come around this place, because when they do, it's like hell for them." Best fried chicken around:) Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate Ryan, we love you! Happy b-day!

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