Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scout Hike. . .

The scouts hiked to Mt. San Jacinto on Friday. They hiked 8 miles from the cars to the summit. This took about 6 hours. The hike back down to the campsite was another 6 miles. They set up their tents and made dinner. When Alan went in the tent, Ry was asleep, with an untouched flour tortilla, still in his hand from dinner. This night was our 16th wedding anniversary. I am glad Alan was able to be there with Ryan. The altitude was pretty hard on most of the boys, many had stomach issues and headaches. It was a hard trail to tread, but worth it, so they say.
The elevation at the peak of Mt. San Jacinto is 10,834.

The Pack with their "packs".
My "Trooper"
The Scenery
The Trail
The Sleeping Quarters
The Peak
The "New Height"
The View from the Top

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Julie said...

It's crazy to think that our boys are old enough to do these sorts of things! Good for them for making it to the top! Some of those packs look just as big as the boys!