Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fathers and Sons. . .

Friday night . . . Annual Father's and sons campout. . . Every year I take a picture of the boys on the back bumper of the car, right before they leave.  It has sort of become a tradition. . . this year Justin wore his head light several hours before leaving, this was his second F&S campout, and he was so excited!!   We had a girls night in.  Girls requests:  Dinner - scrambled eggs and bacon & Hot Chocolate w/ whipped cream.  Movie - Swiss Family Robinson.  Nails - blue.

I remember when  . . . Ryan went on his first trip.  He was three and had a little flashlight necklace that he wore around the house the few days before leaving.  He took the Little Critter's "Just me and my Dad" book with him, while I stayed home with 7 month old Lindsay, in "the new San Diego" at our house on Kismet.  I worried then, as I worry now, but each year they return home happy, dirty, and with new stories to tell.

Hint:  Ryan (above)  / Justin (below) 

Aside from all of the snacks and smores, Alan made tin foil dinners ( hamburger, potatoes, and carrots) that they cooked over the coals that night.  He proclaimed them delicious, and said they were cooked to perfection.   They ate every last meaty morsel. . . 
I sent them with a camera, and actually got a few pics this year!  There was a little miniature golf course near the campsite, the boys had fun with this in the morning.  
Camping tip:  In order to fully relax, remove shoes, and massage feet with salt and vinegar.  Ryan did this in the morning,  after packing back up all of the gear. . . Taking one last moment to soak up all of that stinkin' fresh air.


diane said...

The resemblance is uncanny. Wow. They are such cute boys

Cami said...

Funny - I somehow started the same tradition of taking a pic with the packed up car.
I love Ryan and his feet - because they probably weren't stinky enough, he had to rub salt and vinegar chip smell on them - yum!
Even your boys are beautiful, Val!