Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Official. . .

Last Thursday, the kids had their last day of school and we officially started our summer!!

Some summer data - The camera: put away. My house: well-lived in. The weather: June gloomy. Books: read with hot cocoa. Bike rides and walks: check. Computer games played: double check. Friends: gathered. Late nights: together. Swimming: daily exercise. New Movies: watched. Neck: stiff. "Our" time: lunch date and temple. Caitlyn camp: so fun.
No homework: a blessing. Our tummies: well- fed.

Three of Miss Lawson's Cheeky Boys on the last day of school: Carter with his spider, Justin and Quinn with their grasshoppers.(Justin's grasshopper lived for 4 days on his cheek. We had to carefully wash around it.)

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Sarah said...

I especially love this post...well said. darren will be calling you about out SD & Seaworld trip! All ready for Hawaii?