Saturday, June 6, 2009

A few more things to add from this week. . . 
"Dad's and Donuts" at Justin's preschool.  Alan wore his Green Eggs and Ham shirt and Justin wore his "Max" shirt (Where the Wild Things Are), two of his favorite books, (Justin's too).  They had a fun morning, eating breakfast together, and then burning off the calories by running around the little track. . . 

Nana was here for a few days.  She found moments to "hang" out and play between school performances and events, feeding missionaries, helping me through teeth trauma, and working on miscellaneous homework and reports.

Alison's Rainforest Project. . . Thursday, she gave an oral presentation on the Blue Morpho Butterfly.  She wanted to wear her blue dress to match.  (The fashion statement helped with the delivery:)
Ryan had "6th grade Olympics" at the Middle School on Friday.  They had different events to compete in.  He did hurdles and high jump.  The kids call him "moonshoes".  It was a fun morning of grass stains and gatorade.   We checked him out a little early from school, and Alan took him golfing for nine holes.  They love to have this kind of time together, good bonding time, I guess.  The later afternoon was topped off by putting in some service hours towards his Star for scouts.  Just the two of them went to Sister Felkin's house to do some powerwashing on her house. . . fun stuff!  He received his First Class last week.

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Julie said...

It was so great to run into you today! How random? And after so many years...small world! I'm so excited to be able to keep in touch!
Thank you for your sweet message on my blog today. This has been a crazy time for our family, we've had to absolutely rely on the Lord. We feel so very blessed--to say the least!!
(I'm not sure how I was able to get onto your blog. Just in case, though, my email is