Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Daddy . . .

Happy Father's Day Daddy!! We love you!! Here are a dozen reasons why (the kids came up with these) . . .
1. You are always happy in the morning.
2. You are a very fast runner!
3. You are an extraordinary story teller.
4. Jackie loves you the best because you are.
5. You are funnier than anyone else's dad.
6. You make up unique "stinky" word combinations.
7. You love us like no other person can.
8. You help us with things that are difficult.
9. You play games and sports with us.
10. Mosquitos do not bite us when you are around.
11. You teach us scripture stories and about God.
12. You never forget to put your dishes in the sink.

The kids love to tickle your feet, especially when you are sleeping,
(or pretending to sleep).

Justin steering the "ship" in a storm after a great story.
I think Lindsay said it best in her card, "You have been a fantastic daddy this year."


Danielle said...

Ahhh...Alan is definitely an amazing dad AND uncle. Truly one of the "good ones"!

Danielle said...

BTW, I love that he never forgets to put his dishes in the sink. Can't say the same for Brian...