Saturday, July 11, 2009

Because I can not help myself.
I found a few pics that I wanted to include and didn't in the original post. Sooo, here they are with a couple added scenic ones. I did hold back I promise, there were lots more.

Forgotten #1 ( Happiness and Harmony)
#2 (Deep Thoughts)
#3 ( Banana Joe's = yummy smoothies)
Feeding her baby
One of the million roosters. Bumper sticker quote, " Love Kauai, take a chicken to lunch."
We saw a lot of these red headed birds. Here is one in flight.
My favorite of Justin
The Lighthouse
Beautiful Farmland
Ryan was excited when he found this written in the sand with sticks. The bishop has challenged the youth to read the book of Alma this summer. What a lovely reminder.
Sunset with my Sweetie


Kelly Fam said...

Just breathtaking. If I had to choose three things about Hawaii I love the most, they would be: Snorkling (my absolute fav), shaved ice, and sitting on the beach at sunset. ahhh, I'll just close my eyes and transport myself there right now......

kate said...

just found your blog and your pics of Hawaii are amazing. looks like you had a great trip!