Saturday, July 11, 2009


Warning: Mass Quantity of Photographs . . .

Hanalei Bay. . . We spent a few different days at this bay, swimming, boogie boarding on waves perfect for "moms", and playing in the sand. The highlight of the bay was jumping off of the pier. It was beautiful, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and trees.

Horseback Riding at Silver Falls Ranch . . . Nana, Hoho, the girls, Al, and I enjoyed beautiful views our ride through the Ranch and up to the Falls. Ryan volunteered to stay with Justin, since he was too young. He and his dad made the time up on the golf course the next day.

The significance of the sign? It took us two days to find it. We had heard about "Tunnels" and how the snorkeling was amazing. Sea Turtles were known to hang out at this beach. One end of the beach is a reef, the other a place to surf. We went two different times and did both. We did a lot of snorkeling this day and even got to swim with the turtles. It was just as much fun watching them from the shore. As they would surf the waves, and the light would hit them just right, it was like looking through glass right at them. Nana and I watched them for about an hour one day, while the kids played and swam near them. There were four.

Ry putting on his fins.

Alie didn't have fins small enough so we swam together, so I could help her. She was very brave around all of the fish. All of the kids really loved it.
Back on another day to enjoy " Tunnel's" waves.

Justin with his Hoho, aka: (Master sandcastle builder).
He helped build castles all week.

Shave Ice was a daily commodity, sometimes twice. It was so nice to have grandparents to share our sips and bites with.

On the Fourth of July, we went to Lydgate Park. It was a bit of a drive, but all of the little crabs that roamed the manmade bay made it well worth the visit. Not to mention that it was a perfect day, so beautiful. We enjoyed doing our own fireworks in the front yard of the house, and welcoming Mimi, Papa, and Jonny this night.

We rented four bikes for the week, and had so much fun on our morning bike rides. We took turns sharing in groups of four, riding on the local bikes trails that were near the community. They went through areas where the trees grew together to cover the sky. It seemed like I was finding reasons to bike to the store or get a shave ice. Alie often put on her running shoes and ran besides us, claiming that she could use the exercise. She was a bit too small for the bikes anyway, so it worked out nicely.
Nana with Lindsay
Uncle Jonny
Ke'e Beach. We really enjoyed this beach. We went three times. We enjoyed snorkeling there. There were tons of chickens, roosters, and babies here. Lots of other birds as well. The island has chickens everywhere you go, but there seemed to be more here. They would eat right out of your hand. It was surrounded by cliffs and trees. The bottom of the Kalalau Trail was located here. We only hiked up about a half of a mile, it was a difficult and steep climb. We hiked far enough to the first lookout point. It was well worth it. The wind was more than refreshing, it was powerful.

Ryan feeding the "babies"
Papa out of his shoes and into the water!
Justin "resting his feet" along the trail.
The first lookout point of the Kalalau Trail. Hold onto your hats and glasses!
Kayaking down the Wailua River. After kayaking for about an hour, we hiked through a thick forest along the river full of roots, vines, and streams. We waded through several streams while hiking before reaching the waterfall. We enjoyed lunch there under the falls. Then, yup, back through the forest, through the icky sticky mud, etc. etc., before kayaking the hour back. I won't complain, I can't think of a better way to exercise. Thanks Jonny for taking Lindsay in your Kayak, I know she kept you nice and cool with every stroke. Alie got to go with the cute guide who reminded us of Bryan Thacker.

The girls are holding flowers that lie all over the forest floor.
Mimi and Papa crossing one of the streams
Destination: Waterfall
Fam pic. at small falls along the way

We are so grateful to have had this time together.


Kim W said...

Wow!!! Great pictures. It looks like you had a great trip! So glad you could get away with the whole family! Hope we get to chat over the summer. I know Brandon wants to hang out with Ryan, so we'll be in contact soon. :)

Sarah said...

Great pictures Val. Lindsay looks just like her mommy. What a fun vacation!

Julie said...

Beautiful!!!! What great memories for the whole family!

3WimmerBoys said...

I have been waiting for the pictures! It looks like a great trip. Banana Joe's is my favorite! I go there everyday when we are in Kauai. I am so glad you guys had such a great time. I didn't know the grandparents went too, how fun. Glad you are home.

Janice said...

You are so quick at getting the pictures up! What an amazing trip and wonderful memory for the kids! It looks like they all had a great time. Our family loves to go to Hawaii. I am not sure I am ready to brave the flight with Hendrix yet... he's too active.
I'm sure the kids loved having both sets of grandparents there with them! We are excited to see you guys at bass next week!

Kelly Fam said...

Okay, I'm ready to book my ticket and turn on my Hawaiian music. You did all the wonderful things I would do If I was there too. I didn't know that both grandparents went with you guys. How fun for the whole family. Great Pictures!! Some of those are definite framers for the house.
I wish we could go to Bass too. We'll miss you guys and the late game nights.

Kim said...

OHHH! I love Kauai! We went a few years ago without the kids and I'm dying to take my kids there....and my parents! So fun!

Danielle said...

What gorgeous pics of all of you in such a beautiful place. The kids look they had the time of their lives! You all look so tanned and relaxed. So happy that you had a wonderful time. Hopefully we'll make it next year:). So excited to see you guys next week!!!

Sunshine said...

What a wonderful trip! Your kids are going to have the best memories. The pictures are beautiful!

Laura said...

Ahhhhh, I feel almost like I've taken a trip just looking at those pictures. Kauai just got bumped to the top of my trip wish list, thanks for sharing!

summer said...

No fair! That is SO awesome Val! Seems like everyone had a great time! That is fun that both grandparents got to come. LOVE Jo Jo and Mama Lou!

Jen said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like you guys had a great time. I love Hawaii! So nice that you had the grandparents along. I am glad you added the extra pictures....especially that great one of Justin. So adorable!

diane said...

Thanks for the armchair vacation. I love that place. You got some great pics of your cute family.

ferntyler said...

LOVE IT!! So many beautiful pictures - I didn't realize how rough Tunnels was when we were there until I see how calm it was for you guys - no wonder we didn't see much! Glad to see you guys had such a great time