Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bass Lake

Our Annual Bass Lake Trip. . .
a few highlights. . .
A Great Cabin
Lots of grandkids ( minus 2 in the water, 2 asleep.)
Cute grandparents
Cute Great-Grandparents
Cannonballer Hoho
Swimming with Cute Little Fish

There were plenty to swim with
Justin and Nixon missing the "grandkid" photo shoot
sharing a moment
Our Mermaid
Bri with the twins ( Presley and Alie)
Cousins to play with
Panning for "gold" and making clay
Refreshing boat rides
Cuddly ones too

Holding hands with Nana
Taking some sweet and memorable photos . . .

Tubing "Family Style"

Jumping off docks
Five Fish (Lindsay, Alie, Presley, Gavin, and Collin)

Great Jumping Poses

Shooting off the rocket
Watching your baby brother watch his "baby"

Girl cousins
Having a daddy to play with
and even better, a baby! McCartney was so much fun!
Cooling down with popsicles
Having patience
Watching Ryan Wake board

and last, but not least, sleeping children.


Sarah said...

Great pics Val! I need to start using our nice camera more. Thanks for emailing me some pics. We can't wait to see you guys next weekend! Bass Lake Rocks!!

Kelly Fam said...

I heard the cabin was so nice this year. Bass looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for taking and sharing such great photos of good memories.

ferntyler said...

I better check your blog more often - I neglect it for a month and you've gone on like 20 vacations :) Looks like a beautiful place with so many fun things to do..