Saturday, August 15, 2009


Alie's soccer team, "Legacy", has been practicing hard and winning tournament after tournament. These young girls work hard playing 2 - 4 games every weekend and practice 5 - 6 hours every week. Her coaches have been awesome and her daddy has loved helping out! He is right there with her through every practice and every game to encourage and cheer her team on. She is learning new "moves" and positioning. The teamwork is awesome to watch! She has been part of this team since June, thought I should get out my camera . . .
I love the determination in her face
Playing Left Wing

Nothing better than Kettle Corn when the sun starts to go down

Alie with her Daddy
Damon with the girls. Taking a moment to suck down that vitamin C.

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Danielle said...

What an all-star! That is a serious commitment! We are gearing up for both Nix and Pres to start. Fun times! Way to go Alie...