Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bass Lake 2011

Each year, they look forward to it. Each year, a success.
We love this tradition!!! The pictures tell the story.

Fifteen cousins from oldest to youngest

We have been jumping off this log for years. My dad and uncles did it when they were teenagers. A group helps to submerge the log and then when they let go, it rises up, and the person launches off. Justin is on his way up...
A nice dry one. Perfect for a picture. 11 of the 15, not so bad. So cute.
Love our boat trips to Millers:)

Al and Ry posing for me. Sweet.
Nana with three of her babes.
Ready? Hit it!
Bri, Darren, Al, Sarah, and cute little Ryden on the beach
Justin Knee boarding

They spent hours digging trenches and making waterfalls
Loving the shade that the trees provide
Pier jumping was popular again this year. Even I did it! The kids were so proud of me. I was proud of me. Once was enough though. No picture will be posted either. Sweet one of Ry though, compliments of Brian.
The end. What a catch!

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Kelly Fam said...

Bass lake looks as wonderful as always. Thanks for sharing and capuring great memories!