Saturday, April 2, 2011

Iron Man II

Iron Man Triathlon in Oceanside. This marks the second time for Al. He loves to do it. We love to watch. With much less training than he had hoped to have, he lived through it, and finished in just over 6 hours at 6:14. Early morning swim, bike, & run. 70.3 miles. Fun.

Transition from swim to bike

Finishing the bike
Starting his run

Mimi and Papa
Waiting for the finish
High Fives

Waiting isn't so bad:)

A little shaky & salty, and still smiling?
A Great Race. Way to go Al! We are proud of you!


Sarah said...

Awesome job Alan!

Kim W said...

That is AWESOME! Congrats on a great race.

The Duty's said...

that is pretty amazing. i'm pretty sure i cannot even run one mile. haha way to go al!

Danielle said...

Way to go Alan!!